About Me

58447_1511566882107_1622444091_1271340_7033208_nWelcome to Andrea’s Coupon Club! I am Andrea and am very happy that you have found me and my deals! The average family spends $600 a month on groceries. The goal of this site is to give you tools and tips, which combined with the needs for you and your family, will lead to savings while you shop your way through life!

First let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am the “mom” of four boys…my husband Sean, my two (2) step-sons Ryan and Andy and my son Caden. I work full time from home while maintaining the house and my family. I love to shop (who doesn’t?)!

So two (2) years ago I realized that I could save A LOT of money by doing just a little bit of couponing and research. I sat down with my Sunday newspaper, made a list of sale items and searched on line for printable coupons. That grocery trip I saved almost $100! I shared the news with my friends and family and they couldn’t believe it. They asked me for “my secret”!

I told them that I would love to be an “extreme couponer” and spend $1.07 for over $600 worth of groceries. But there are games to go to, diapers to change, dinners to make and laundry to do. THIS is real life. I want to make YOUR life easier.

So here’s the secret! ANYBODY can coupon! ANYBODY can save money! All you need is a newspaper, a printer and Andrea’s Coupon Club!
So check back often as I will help you to SAVE MONEY and SMILE MORE!