Adorable Do It Yourself Vases. Perfect for Spring Or Any Occasion!

Spring project!!  The weather has not been cooperating but I am still in the “Spring” mode.  Here is a quick and easy project for DIY vases that can “spring” up a room or shelf.  They can also be used for Easter table centerpieces!vase flower3

Once again, I find myself searching Pinterest for Spring ideas.  I fell in love with the idea of taking glass vases and painting them Spring colors to brighten up the house!  It took me 2 hours to create these vases. This is so easy, I almost think you can look at the pictures and know what to do, but here is a brief step by step guide!  I went to Michael’s for my things, but you can get these really anywhere. vase flower3

Here’s what you need:

Vases – $3.99-$4.99 Ea.

Paint (make sure you can use it on glass) – $1.25 ea.

Brushes – 12 pack for $4

Flowers – $1.50 per bunch

Easter Grass – $1.29

Use your 50% off one item from the Michael’s flyer

 vase ingredients

Here’s what you do:

Place the vases on paper (upside down) to protect tables/counters from paint.  Upside down allows you to paint the bottom.

Paint all sides and let dry (about 30 minutes).  Paint coat 2 and let dry!

Flowers are optional, but you can be as creative as you want in their placement.  Just glue them on!

To keep the “spring” theme, I chose vibrant colors with complimentary flowers.  I tried two (2) different painting schemes on the vases.  I put two (2) coats on the purple vase while I only put one (1) coat on the pink vase.  The one coat scheme gave a “rustic” look.  Make sure to get multiple brushes—they are inexpensive and can be used and discarded instead of the need to wash and clean the more expensive brushes.

Once completed, I tried different ways to use the vases.  I first filled them with Easter grass for a simple décor or a table centerpiece.  For the second idea, I placed the flowers in each of the vases.  I will use these in my living room.  Idea 3, use them in your bathroom to hold Q-tips or Cotton-balls!   vase flower 2

These vases definitely brightened up ANY room.  Here’s to warmer temperatures and THINK SPRING!