Holiday BLT Bites

Andrea's Holiday BLT Bites

This time of year is my favorite, always has been.  But this year it’s even more exciting because my three your old son is SO excited for everything Christmas from decorating the tree to seeing Santa.  So, anything we can do together this season is so special to me.  I love being with family and friends this time of year, and I love entertaining, so I am hosting a holiday party!  And because I love this time of year, I get excited to try new holiday recipes and ideas.  This year, I took an everyday party favorite and spruced it up for the holiday Season!

Price Chopper Groceries

I gathered my list and coupons and went to Price Chopper!  My local Price Chopper has to be best in the area (I’m sure everyone thinks that).  Everyone is so friendly…we talk Patriots football and all the cashiers always offer my son a cookie or sticker!  I usually spend an extra 20 minutes talking but I love it.  The store is always stocked with what I need, products are easy to find and always fresh.  Doubling my coupons is a must for me and they do!  I love grocery shopping to begin with but when I can also holiday shop, it’s a bonus!  Price Chopper’s seasonal section helps me find toys, decorations, even that last minute stocking stuffer! For this year’s special holiday party appetizer, I took my favorite BLT bread dip and turned it into holiday shaped BLT bites.  This dip is so yummy; your party goers are going love these festive tasty treats! Now, in the past, I have not been a very creative with my baking ideas, but being a Mom has changed that.  So, when I decided to make this recipe, I went out and found the tub of Betty Crocker cookie cutters!  This set is perfect for every holiday or everyday fun!  I can’t wait to use them with other recipes too!

Betty Crocker Holiday cookie Cutters

Making this dip is so easy and adding this theme makes it even more appealing to guests, even kids.  Guests will be drawn to them because they look so festive.  All you have to do is roll out Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, use the Betty Crocker cookie cutters to shape your treats, mix Hellmann’s Mayonnaise with Price Chopper Sour Cream, add some bacon and you have an amazing dip that people can’t walk away from!  Now, here comes the fun part!   I split the dip into little bowls, added food coloring and decorated the different shaped Pillsbury Crescent rolls!  The whole family joined me in decorating, we had a great time!  I think you can tell which ones are my 3 year olds (although my husband told me mine didn’t look much better)!  I also plan to leave some Pillsbury Crescent Rolls undecorated allowing my guests to decorate their own if they want!  I promise there will be no leftovers of this holiday treat!

Pillsbury Crestest Rolls Holiday Recipe

From start to finish, this process takes about an hour, depending on how many you make yourself and how many kids are helping you.  I didn’t mind the time because my son loved telling me what colors to use to decorate his Christmas tree!  It’s such a crowd pleaser and fun family activity.  These holiday treats don’t have to look perfect, the taste is still great!  But the fun you have making them will make you the hit of the party! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @andreascouponclub to see what other creative holiday recipes you can use as your own this holiday season!  You can also see how I match my treats with Price Chopper sales and coupons!

Holiday BLT Bites Recipe


2 Packages of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

1 – 16oz.  Price Chopper Cream Cheese

1 cup Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

1 Package Price Chopper cooked bacon

2 small tomatoes

1 pkg. scallions

Gold Medal Flour


Place cooked bacon on a microwave safe plate and microwave for one minute.  Crumble and set aside.

Dice tomatoes & scallions small, set aside

Flour cooking surface and Pillsbury Crescent Rolls to make shaping easier.  Roll out Crescent rolls thin, keeping them square, with rolling pin.

Use Betty Crocker cookie cutters to shape Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Use Candy Canes, Christmas Trees, Snowman, Stocking Shapes.  Mix it up to your preference!

Place on cookie sheet, greased and cook at 425 degrees for 5-10 minutes, until browned.  Take out and let cool.

In a small bowl, mix sour cream, mayonnaise, and bacon.  Stir.  Separate the dip into bowls.

Add food coloring (Green, Red, Black, and Yellow) to smaller bowls.  Decorate the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls using a knife or spoon.  You can also place some dip in a baggie, cutting the bottom corner to pipe dip onto Crescent Rolls.  Use tomatoes & scallions as decorations!

Have fun and be creative decorating!

  Place completed BLT bites on platter and chill.

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