Minion Easter Eggs – Easy And Fun To Make!

Easter is fast approaching and I wanted to find something creative that Caden (my 3 year-old) would enjoy. As you can tell, he is currently obsessed with “minions” from Despicable Me so I figured it would be a good choice.minions finished

I found some awesome minion ideas, so I gathered some key points from a few of the examples and made some Minion Eggs!   They are adorable and super easy!  Use them for an egg hunt or fill them with candy for an Easter Basket.  Either way, any minion fan will love these!

Here is what you need:

Plastic Eggs; Yellow & Blue   -  $.85 per package at Ocean State Job Lots

Plastic Eyes  -  $.99 per package at Micheal’s

Duct Tape  -  $1.99 each at Michaels

Black Sharpie – $1 each at Target

Super Glue – $1.99 at Target

 minion ingredients

Here’s what you do:

Separate the yellow and blue eggs.

Switch them creating a yellow “top” and blue “bottom.”minion eggs

Cut/Tear duct take to make a thin black strip.  Place the strip around the yellow top to create goggle strap.

Super glue the eye/eyes to the black strip.

Use sharpie to draw the minions hair and mouth.  Be creative the minions have many expressions!

 The minion eggs will definitely be a hit with all of the kids…big and small. They are SUPER easy to make too.   Caden plays with them every day!  I can’t wait for the “find the minions” egg hunt!!