Minion Valentines- Easy To Make Homemade Valentine’s Day Treat!

I love this Valentine’s Day idea!  Despicable Me has become one of my favorite movies, thanks to my 3 year old, so when I saw this idea I had to try it.  When it came out so cute, I had to share itminioncover

It was around 7 pm Sunday night when I saw this “one in a Minion” idea.  I got my things together and ran to Price Chopper for all the ingredients.  Total, I spent $13 (Pepperidge Farm Milano’s are on sale this week!!)  $15 total when you add in the Minion Valentines I had already purchased.  I also wanted to get these done and packaged so I used Price Chopper snack sizes bags, but you can use any bag to seal them.

Now, I am not the most artistic person, stick figures are my version of art, so ANYONE can do this!  I will admit, the first bag of Milano’s served as practice, but then I got the hang of it.

  Here is what you do:

  • Start at the bottom of the cookie to make the pants.  Then use the thin circle attachment on the blue icing to make the overalls.
  • Use black icing to seal the eyes on the cookie, draw a line on either side of the eye to create the goggle line. (If you use anything other than candy eyes, place a black dot on the eye)
  • Use black icing to draw the mouth
  • Let cookies sit for about 30 minutes before you package them so the icing will dry.
  • Place cookie in bag and seal (seal will be lengthwise if you use snack bags)
  • Glue or staple Minion Valentine to the bag.
  • If you don’t have the Valentines, use card stock to create and print your message.  Many people use “Valentine, you’re one in a Minion”.

 And that’s it!!  Super easy and they come out so cute!!  

I was done with these in about 2 hours.  Don’t judge me, I already admitted I wasn’t artistic!  But once I got the hang of it, I was able to make each one pretty quickly!  My son did “help” me, but he was more interested in seeing the finished product!  So, this is a great project to do together as a family as well!

I can’t wait to send these to school with my son!  They are not “perfect” minions, but I love them!

Let us know if you try this “one in a Minion” Valentine’s Day treat!  Share your pics on Andres’s Coupon Club’s Instagram or on Andrea’s Coupon’s Club Facebook page!

Happy Valentine’s Day!