*NEW* ShopRite Coupon Policy for March 2014

*NEW* Capital Region ShopRite Coupon Policy changes for March!



For this Month, Shoprite will DOUBLE $1 coupons!!  Here are all the details…pay attention!

  • $1 Coupons – TWO of the same $1 Coupons will double.
  • $.01- $.99 Coupons – TWO of the same cents off coupon will double.
  • Only 20 coupons of any value per transaction per day will double.

So, basically all coupons up to $.99 will still double, but you can only have 2 per transaction.

$1 coupons will double through the end of March, but only two per transaction.

You can only have 20 coupons total per order per day that will double!

So, make sure you plan accordingly and count your coupons.  Break up orders if you have to!

Coupon Match ups to follow!

Happy Shopping!