St. Patricks Day Treats!!

I love St. Patrick’s Day, so I wanted to create some special treats.  pattyFor this, I headed to Pinterest to see what was out there!  I was amazed at the selection.  As you know, my artistic ability only goes so far, so I knew picking these three I could handle making them!  I choose to create a fruit platter rainbow with a pot of gold, four leaf clover chips and for the sweet tooth, “Leprechaun Snacks.” I love them all so much!  I am bringing the “Leprechaun Snacks” to Caden’s school for their party!

Here is my shopping trip for everything to create all three snacks!ing


There is something for everyone in these easy to do St. Patrick’s Day treats!   I have broken them down for you below so you can try themselves.  If you need a last minute party idea, these together only took me an hour to create!!


Fruit Platter Rainbowfriut platter

Ingredients: Strawberries. Mandarin Oranges, Pineapple, Green Grapes, Blueberries (I used blackberries, just for price reasons), Rolo’s, Popcorn (I used from the “leprechaun Snack) or mini marshmallows.

Instructions: Cut and arrange fruit in rainbow.  Place Rolo’s on the right side of the rainbow and popcorn/Marshmallows on the left side of the rainbow.  Serve and enjoy.


Green Clover Chipsclover

Ingredients: Green Wraps, Spinach Dip, clover cookie cutter, salt

Instructions: On a cutting board, cut wraps into clovers.  Place them on a cookie sheet and salt.  Bake at 400 degrees for 6 minutes on each side.  Put Spinach dip in bowl and serve on a platter!



Leprechaun Snackspopcorn

Ingredients: Microwave Popcorn, White Chocolate, Rainbow Sprinkles, Green M&M’s, party bags, tag (I printed mine from the internet, you can get as creative as you want with that)

Instructions: Pop Popcorn.  Place non stick foil on cookie sheet.  Hand pour popcorn onto cookie sheet making sure not to ass kernals.  Melt Chocolate.  Pour Chocolate popcorn and mix it together.  Add Sprinkler and M&M’s.  Let sit about 45 minutes.  Break up pieces and add them to the party bags.  Add tag (I stapled the tag and put clover stickers over them to hide the staple) and deliver for a yummy snack!final popcorn

Here are the finished products together!


They make any party table festive and guests will LOVE Them!  Share pictures of you St. Patrick’s Day treat on our facebook or Instagram page!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!